A Taste of War, by Alfred de Grazia

Table of Contents


Chapter One:
      Called Up in Chicago

Chapter Two:
      A Private at Paris, Tennessee

Chapter Three:
      A Cadet in North Carolina

Chapter Four:
      Texas and the Mohave Desert

Chapter Five:
      A Spy Camp near Washington

Chapter Six:
      Africa, from Oran to Tunis

Chapter Seven:
      The Invasion of Sicily

Chapter Eight:
      Italy Toe and Heel

Chapter Nine:
      Algiers and Palermo

Chapter Ten:
      The Battle of Monte Cassino

Chapter Eleven:
      Naples, Sardinia, Anzio
Chapter Twelve:
      The Liberation of Rome

Chapter Thirteen:
      The Provence Campaign

Chapter Fourteen:
      Alsace and Lorraine

Chapter Fifteen:
      The Battle of Germany

Chapter Sixteen:
      The Dissolving Reich

Chapter Seventeen:
      Schloss De Grazia
Chapter Eighteen:
      At the Victors' Table
Chapter Nineteen:
      The Slow Boat Home

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